Content Tutoring

We work with students on subjects such as history and science in one of two ways, or both, as needed by the student.  

1. Information processing: We teach students to visualize as they read which leads to increased interest in the material, increased comprehension, and increased ability to participate in class and complete assignments. 

2. Academic coaching: We help students with homework, completing assignments, and study skills. With over a decade in analysis of the way kids learn and process language, Nic does more than deliver content. He gives students tools to engage with the material.

Every student at Summit builds fundamental skills in reading and language processing. These are skills they take to school and beyond.


Subject matter tutoring is available for students up to early college level, depending on subject.  

"Thank you!

She loves to go to school now!"

Summit Reading Center
1495 Canyon Blvd 
Main Floor
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Phone: (303) 499-9729

Creating a Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning!

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