When kids struggle with math, they are often missing one or more of the underlying cognitive skills required for fluent understanding and computation. Some examples of those missing skills are:


         Math Concepts and Vocabulary

         Math Fact Fluency

         Number Sense

         Computational Procedures


         Executive Functioning


We don't just teach to the test or help with homework.


Our goal is to create the foundation on which students can naturally grow their skills and find success in math in school and beyond. 


All students begin with a diagnostic math evaluation, which identifies strengths and weaknesses. We then design a program to bring the level of the weaknesses up to the strengths.

"Her whole attitude about math changed on the first day and homework is no longer stressful. Thank you!"

Summit Reading Center
1495 Canyon Blvd 
Main Floor
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Phone: (303) 499-9729

Creating a Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning!

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