Hourly and Group Sessions (up to 3 students)

Paid monthly, weekly, or pay as you go.

Prepaid cash or check: 5% off

All materials, lesson planning, progress reports and assessments included

A full evaluation takes about 2 hours and includes a consultation and score summary. 

Academic Evaluations.........................................$250

Program Packages

30-Hour and 60-Hour Programs

Prepayment required. Programs must be completed within 90 days if paying by credit card. 


My son improved more in 6 months at Summit than he did in 6 years of tutoring. I would recommend Summit to any parent looking to help their child become a strong and confident reader.


Nic can guide fellow specialist, instructors, and parents to master most Lindamood-Bell programs. 

Payment Options

  • Credit, debit, cash, or check.

  • YTS educational loans.  Fast and easy approval at  www1.yts-learning.com/family

  • NEW! Income-based sliding scale fees. 


Refund and cancellation policy

  • No refunds for hours already served

  • 24-hour notice required for cancelled sessions


Note: Expenses to treat a diagnosed learning disability may be tax deductible or paid with a medical spending account if you qualify and services are part of a treatment plan prescribed by a doctor. Please consult your plan administrator and/or tax advisor for more information. Some insurance plans will cover the cost of treating a learning disability. Ask your provider for more information.


Summit Reading 
1495 Canyon Blvd #202
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Phone: (303) 499-9729
Email: nclausen@summitrc.com

Creating a Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning!

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