We offer individualized structured language programs for students struggling in academics and literacy.


The reading skills you taught me are clicking now! I am reading long words in chunks and it doesn’t slow me down. And, I don’t guess anymore!


At Summit Reading Center, students work with licensed teacher and literacy specialist Nicolas Clausen.

We help students

of all ages and abilities 




and reach their full academic potential.

Reading slow or choppy?

Is school difficult?

Homework a struggle?

Math a problem?

Hate writing?

Can't spell?

Learn differently?

Struggle with comprehension?

Difficulty holding onto language?

Diagnosed with a learning disability?

We can help! 

We build confident and independent

readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers!

Summit Reading Center
1495 Canyon Blvd 
Main Floor
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Phone: (303) 499-9729

Creating a Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning!

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