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Four Causes of Ineffective Reading Instruction

Updated: Apr 15

  1. Lack of engagement with the student. One of the biggest challenges of modern tutoring is to not be boring. To not be boring, you must get to know the student, tap into their interests, and gain their trust. How do you do that? You do it by being genuine and actively working to connect with your students. You also give them space to talk and feel heard.

  2. Failing to identify and target specific deficits in the reading process. Every student facing a reading challenge is not the same and no single reading approach will reach every student. Every reading intervention program must start with a diagnostic evaluation in order to prescribe the right intervention for any student.

  3. Not having a broad and effective toolset for instruction. There is a saying, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Like a builder needs many tools to build a house, educators need a broad base of instructional tools to reach individuals. Students who have trouble holding onto sounds need a different approach than students who need to comprehend as they read. With my foundation in psychology and almost 2 decades of experience as a reading tutor, my toolset is like Swiss Army knife, adaptable and multifunctional. This allows me to respond to student needs, producing confident and capable readers.

  4. The myth of standardization. When it comes to reading instruction, one-size-fits-all doesn't work. That's because individual learners have diverse needs and struggling students need tailored instruction. There are dozens of reading programs on the market that claim to be the one. These programs are designed as out-of-the-box solutions for people to implement with little to no training and thus are still hit-and-miss. Frustrating! What works? A skilled and experienced instructor who can respond and adapt to the learner.

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